The smarter, seamless and compliant pool inspector app for all types of pool inspections in NSW

BCS Pools allows pool inspectors to electronically conduct pool inspections on-site using a mobile device. The software is supported both by BCS Office and BCS Mobile allowing pool inspectors to consolidate on-site inspections with the correct project files. BCS Pools works when offline and simply syncs back to BCS Office to upload all finalised inspections when in mobile range. BCS then generates all necessary pool inspection reports including the 22e Notice to comply and an inspector only record to keep on your file.

Book, perform, and edit pool inspections anywhere, anytime

With BCS Pools, inspectors can book and perform inspections on-site or anywhere else. Bookings are assisted with fully integrated calendar support and links to Google Maps.

View list of all inspections and property data on-site

BCS Pools provides a dashboard that lists all current pool inspection reports for each inspector. This allows inspectors to track each inspection and also set re-inspections when necessary.

Pre-set checklists, add comments, photos and sketches from site to reports

BCS gives you access to the standard checklists which are easily customisable if required. Using pre-set checklists, inspectors can perform inspections on-site in offline mode and save these inspections until it can be later uploaded into BCS Office when mobile range becomes available.

Add comments, photos and sketches to inspections

BCS Pools is equipped to allow inspectors to take photos, add comments and draw sketches for each inspection requirement. Every added detail will be automatically attached to the inspection report during finalisation.

Provides all necessary pool inspection reports

BCS Pools comes complete with all the necessary pool inspection reports which are easily accessible, retrievable and available 24/7.

Distribute finalised pool inspection reports via email

BCS Pools allows inspectors to send finalised inspection reports to clients and other parties on-site, without having to go back to the office.

BCS Pools Overview

Advantages to your business

The core BCS system will allow E1 pool certifiers to manage their business activities in the one place. BCS provides a platform that allows users to produce and keep all inspection records, documentation and accounting in one available space. BCS provides a NSW pool inspector specific system that maintains the relevant inspection guides for each standard with quick notes for each question and also supplies a compliant working notice as an output from the app. All these items are customisable by the user as each may choose to run their business differently. This is not simply an inspection app, it is a whole business solution.

Creating an inspection

BCS Pools allows certifiers to create and book new pool inspections on-site and offline. Using the app, you can add the necessary report details for a specific project such as the date of inspection and the inspector you wish to choose. You can then choose from a list of pool inspections allocating an inspection required for a specific project. Once created, the app will produce a complete list of checklist requirements needed to be inspected. 

Performing an inspection

BCS Pools allows inspectors to choose from a range of pool inspection templates for a specific project. Each inspection provides the appropriate set of questions and checklists that the inspector can electronically complete on-site using a mobile device. Each requirement also allows you to add comments, photos and sketches from the site to the inspection. The inspector can also view any attachments on the app which have been added to the project.

Storing and editing the inspection

Once the inspection is complete, it can either be saved on the device for later upload or sent to and uploaded into BCS Office for further editing using Microsoft Word. All documents are automatically stored in the cloud and are accessible 24/7.