The complete, cloud-based online software that consolidates and manages all projects and documents in one platform

BCS Office serves as the main platform that creates, manages and finalises inspections and projects. The system populates a wide range of compliant certification templates and documents with relevant project information. The BCS document management system allows users to create and edit new or existing project documents and company specific templates using Microsoft Word. All created and polished documents are automatically saved back to the cloud.

Document Management System

BCS has a smart template engine which allows users to have control of their templates and how they are generated by utilising our integration with Microsoft Word

Cloud-based storage

BCS Office automatically saves all created and polished documents back to cloud storage which means that all data and documents are fully secure, instantly retrievable and available 24/7.

Distribute reports direct to recipients via email

BCS Office gives the user the capability to send finalised reports to clients and other recipients direct via email. Users can easily attach any files to the email with a simply drag and drop.

Generate compliant certifications ready for distribution

BCS Office generates compliant certificates, complete with electronic stamping and signature, in PDF format. It is also equipped to distribute reports direct to clients via email.

Software integration

BCS Office is fully integrated with Microsoft Word, Dropbox, Adobe and iCal. BCS holds a high level of integration capability with other systems and cloud based software.

Calendar feed

Track all your inspection bookings by using the BCS Office calendar feed. Every user can also subscribe to the calendar by syncing either Outlook, Google, iPhone/iPad accounts to the BCS Office calendar.

How BCS Office Works

Creating a quote

BCS Office allows the user to create a quote for a project through the BCS dashboard. By simply filling in the set requirements and adding your own service categories and/or items for the project, you can then generate a quote document. The document can then be further edited using your desktop Word. Once finished editing the document, a polished PDF file of the quote document will be generated complete with authorised signatures.

Creating a project

To create a project, users can progress a recent quote or create a new project on its own via the BCS dashboard. Once all of the relevant project information has been entered into the file e.g. proposal, and owner details, a project is then created. The information used when creating the project will automatically populate any useful information into document files users add. Users can add the required documents to the project and also add required inspections. BCS provides a wide range of compliant document and inspection templates complete with the necessary checklists and questions to choose from.

Booking inspections

Add required site inspections before allocating them to users for each individual project using BCS Office. By selecting the desired project and inspector, you can organise and book an inspection with fully integrated calendar support. Moreover, you can also set a reminder for the inspection to the inspector via email and add any important comments to be relayed. All allocated inspections will be allocated to the BCS Mobile Inspection App and stored in the Office database while all upcoming inspections will be shown in the dashboard.

Document Management System

The BCS document management system is an online generation and retrieval system. This system validates templates and documents using Microsoft Word. All project information is managed in the one platform to keep track of all data and documents. Before a project document or inspection is finalised users can use the Document Management System to customise new or existing company specific templates or project documents. Using Microsoft Word, default templates and documents can be replaced with the customised documents, complete with company logo and authorised signature. All data is securely stored to the cloud which means that they are secure, instantly retrievable and accessible 24/7.


Once a document or inspection report is ready to be finalised within BCS Office the user can view the file then simply click finalise. This will generate compliant certificates in PDF form to include your company name, logo and any electronic stamping and digital signatures, ready to be printed or distributed to the client via email.